FuSE™ Projects

Community Partnerships

Each Hydrogen-Carbon Venture enterprise will cultivate local entrepreneurial opportunities for growth through joint ventures, partnerships, and supply chain relationships.

For example:

  • Local agribusinesses providing farm waste feedstocks for HydroCarbon Splitting.
  • Green construction enterprises using the HCV’s carbon fiber-enhanced building materials.
  • Additive manufacturing businesses using the HCV’s carbon-based composites.
  • Landfills and wastewater processing plants providing bio-feedstocks to the HCV while benefiting from HydroCarbon Splitter™ systems waste processing.

The integration of the key McAlister technologies is referred to as the FuSE™ technology platform.

FuSE™ Projects can be co-located at the HCV factory site or situated nearby.

Benefits to FuSE™ Projects include onsite zero-emissions fuel and electricity at reduced cost.

Locally-produced fuel and power also supports off-the-grid manufacturing facilities that can be deployed in rural locations or in developing nations that currently lack electrical grid capacity and grid resiliency.

Algae-Biomass + HydroCarbon Splitter™
is a FuSE™ Project with 3 objectives.


Draw down atmospheric CO2 at a scale that will impact climate change.


Produce large quantities of green hydrogen that will meet the Department of Energy Hydrogen EarthShot goal of $1 per 1 kilogram in 1 decade.


Stop burning carbon.

Instead, harvest and invest it in infrastructure, renewable energy generators, consumer durable goods—and clean air.

The Sustainable Algae-Biomass Economic Model