Breakthrough Technology

Our Business Model Delivers Multiple Revenue Streams

Breakthrough Technology

Our Business Model Delivers Multiple Revenue Streams

McAlister Patent Portfolio

300 + patents in renewable energy, 45 years of innovation, and a life’s work. Roy McAlister is a professional engineer, author, entrepreneur, and inventor. Promoting global economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Hydro-Carbon Splitter ®

The patented McAlister HydroCarbon Splitter is a revolutionary technology that uses anaerobic thermal dissociation of organic substances such as Natural Gas CH4 and Renewable Methane to separate hydrogen and carbon.

Metrol ® Liquid Hydrogen Fuel

Metrol ® is an energy-dense liquid at ambient room temperature and pressure that delivers zero-emission liquid hydrogen fuel, with comparable energy produced by gasoline or diesel fuel.

SmartPlug ® Technology

The patented McAlister SmartPlug™ is a hydrogen fuel injector-igniter for internal combustion engines, think of a traditional spark plug, but superior in every way. We can convert ANY existing engine to run on zero-emission liquid hydrogen fuel.

VelPro ® Carbon Products

Carbon is too profitable to burn! With our patented CHP process carbon is separated from hydrogen during the fuel production process and transformed into an economic asset as durable carbon allotropes such as graphene, nanotubes, and fiber for manufacturing.

Full Spectrum Energy (FuSE) ®

The FuSE integrated platform combines powerful technologies developed in the McAlister portfolio into an integrated solution to achieve worldwide Energy Independence, Diamond Green™ Hydrogen, Carbon, and green Electricity.

A Real Solution To Global Warming

Solution To Global Warming